West Norfolk Fox Hound thugs vandalise car!

Thugs acting on behalf of the West Norfolk Fox Hounds have vandalised a car, and even attempted to climb in!

A hunt monitor was sat in the car watching the kennels, to make sure they can’t sneak out and you know, follow a completely legal trail at 5am like they do!

More hunt vandalism

Whilst waiting, several thugs came from the direction of the hunt’s kennels and smashed the window, slashed a tyre and attempted to smash a side window and climb in. We dread to think what would have happened had they got in! Many of the thugs hunts hire are often sex offenders, and they’re well known for taking things too far.

The West Norfolk Fox Hounds obviously don’t want people knowing what they’re up to, which supports our belief that they are actually involved in illegal fox hunting – why else would they need to hire beefcakes and meatheads to deter people from watching?

Nancy ‘buttplug’ Hogg of Countryside Capers at it again…

There was an outpouring of shock and anger on the Facebook group ‘Countryside Capers’ – at a news article!

The story was about a group of hunt thugs out with the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt who beat up a disabled 51 year old man and vandalised his car. Video footage shows the masked thugs mount a sustained and violent attack on their victim. They had even blocked public roads to corner him!

But their anger wasn’t actually at yet another story of shocking hunt sponsored thuggery, bringing their murky fox hunting into question, but at the newspaper for publishing it. Apparently, according to Nancy ‘buttplug’ Hogg and friends, the paper is reporting too many anti hunt stories?

As a result of the sickening attack, the victim was left with a concussion and was bleeding from the mouth. The group of thugs haven’t been found, and of course the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt don’t know anything about it.

Buttplug reckons the newspaper had an agenda, whilst other deranged Countryside Capers members reckon it was a ‘comedy drama production’. The fact remains that a bunch of violent and aggressive hunt thugs beat up a disabled person simply because he was watching them hunt. Furthermore, Terriermen aren’t actually needed on a legal trail hunt, so who knows what the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt are getting up to?

We believe this story supports our argument that widespread illegal fox hunting is still taking place. If a hunt needs to hire thugs to deter people watching, then what have they got to hide?


In yet another instance of arrogant and dangerous hound exercise (as well as illegal – no leads) the Ludlow Hunt caused absolute chaos on narrow country lanes causing several near misses and a tailback of angry motorists.

Whipping the out of control hounds

Shocking dash cam footage has emerged from an angry road user who said he was held up by the out of control hounds. “It was unsafe to overtake because the skinny little things were running all over the place, we had to just crawl along and wait as the two incompetents were trying to keep them together.”

One local resident told us they were getting fed up of the trails of filth left behind by the malnourished hounds. No attempts were made by the hunt goons to clear up any dog waste.

Cars swerving and being held up

Hunt hounds are often injured and even killed because of dangerous and illegal hound exercise. The law clearly states dogs must be kept on a lead. The Ludlow, it would seem, don’t think the law applies to them and are more than happy putting the welfare of their starving hounds, as well as other road users, at risk.

There has been no explanation as to why the hunt goons dress like complete tits.


Now before you start, this has nothing to do with their promiscuous post hunt ‘activities’…

Peter Heard, huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds fell whilst hunting a stag and broke his pelvis. He had to be airlifted to hospital. Just what the NHS needs right now, a hunt pervert wasting their time having got injured doing something illegal and socially unacceptable.

We hope the stag wasn’t too distressed and got away safely from these losers.

Barlow out killing already!

The fox killing Barlow Hunt of Derbyshire have had a ropey start to the season having been covertly followed by sabs during a ‘hound exercise’ meet.

They were monitored by a local group and sabs from around the country engaging in classic ‘cubbing’. Obviously they wouldn’t be doing this because cubbing, as well as hunting foxes, is illegal.

Obese joint hunt master Joan Williams was photographed looking very glum, although not as glum as the horse she was loaded onto by the hunt serfs.

If the Barlow were hunting within the law they wouldn’t need to pack up and go home. Maybe this explains why they keep getting caught ‘accidentally’ chasing and killing foxes?

Apparently there weren’t any burgers either, maybe fatso ate them all before they set off?

Struggling hunts scrounging from the taxpayer!

News is reaching FoxHuntingFAQ that at least one, and possibly more, struggling fox hunts are being propped up by handouts from their local council!

Shropshire Council have handed out £50,000 to an undisclosed hunt as part of the emergency rate relief scheme. The scrounging hunt will have had to apply and appear to meet an eligibility criteria. We’re not sure what they need the money for, it’s essentially free to kill a fox and they certainly don’t feed or care for the hounds and horses!

They have had a tough time of it with their summer, or ‘noncing’ season being cancelled because of coronavirus. Usually they scrounge money over the summer months by acting all family friendly.

Of course a fox hunt relies on a bunch of pervert, weird and loser supporters paying to come along and join in. This is why it’s important to stop a hunt killing and to make the day out a waste of money for any supporter – as their support dries up so do their funds. Fortunately most of their support is also of an older demographic, and they’re slowly dying off with fewer young people filling their place.

The absurdity of taxpayers money being used to prop up an incredibly unpopular ‘tradition’ is only made worse by the fact fox hunts cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands each year! Money is wasted with police being called out to protect the hunt, or police time being wasted because of malicious calls by members of the hunt, ambulance crews attending victims of hunt thugs, damaged fences by braindead terriermen, trains being delayed by hounds on the line, and of course the child abuse scandals!

Ironic still is the constant grief sab groups receive from the pervert hunt community for asking for donations, when all along hunt groups are having to beg from the public purse! We’re fairly sure they won’t appreciate the irony, most of their supporters can barely spell their own name.


It appears we’re going to be seeing much of the same hunt violence and illegal hunting this season as we have shocking reports coming in about a hunt sab being rode over by horses; he was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Mel Broughton was sabbing a ‘cubbing’ meet of the Woodland Pytchley hunt, cubbing is where they train young hounds to kill fox cubs prior to the actual hunting season. The hounds don’t learn to kill foxes without being trained you see.

It appears the hunters were using their horses as weapons, so we can add horse abuse to the report, and having knocked him down continued to ride over him causing serious injuries. A terriermen or hired thug (unclear at this stage) then assaulted sabs to steal their recording equipment. Fortunately for the fox cubs, sabs stayed with the hunt forcing them to pack up early.

Does these sound like the actions of a legal and peaceful pastime? What are they trying to stop us seeing?

Another MP downed by support for fox hunting?

Lee Rowley, the Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire has found himself in hot water after it was revealed he met with the fox killing Barlow Hunt to discuss issues relating to wildlife monitors and hunt sabs. It’s suspected they’re looking at ways to stop hunt sabs interfering with their illegal hunting.

His social media has been bombarded with angry messages from people up and down the country, and he is going to great lengths to remove any reference to his meeting with the Barlow Hunt. Lee clearly knows that being seen to support fox hunting is a real vote loser! Rather embarassing for the Barlow too, just another reminder of how unpopular they are!

The Barlow have been feeling the heat recently, as a determined group of people called Locals Against the Barlow Hunt, as well as sab groups from other regions, are making it increasingly difficult for them to hunt with relentless sabbing and monitoring of the hunt. Public awareness about what the Barlow are getting up to is increasing, and they’re incredibly unpopular in their local area. Their terriermen are finding it tough to sneak out without being watched, and only last week the hunt called off their ‘hound exercise’ when they realised they were being watched. Suspicious?

Barlow terriermen up to no good in the woods… at least they have their clothes on this time

The fact the Barlow were filmed killing a fox only a few months ago isn’t helping him bat this off. They were filmed killing a fox in the grounds of Chatsworth House just before Christmas. Their pervert terrierman Ste ‘teabagger’ Reynolds tried to assault sabs to retrieve the body. Their hounds were also caught on CCTV chasing a fox through private property. They’ve also been in court recently for assault, they exercise hounds illegally and drive vehicles without number plates. Their fat joint master Joan Williams is an ex superintendent for South Yorkshire Police, which may possibly explain why the hunt are often protected by an impressive police presence.

Barlow hounds killing a fox in 2019

Lee is yet to state whether he supports a repeal of the ban, and now appears to be stuck in a limbo situation where he can’t publish anything to social media without the issue coming up – who does he answer to? The majority of people who oppose fox hunting? Or a few perverts who dress in red to kill foxes for fun? Poor old Lee!


Breaking news! The fox killing Barlow Hunt are apparently out looking for yet another one of their neglected hounds.

Barlow hunt thugs and terriermen – up to absolutely nothing remotely illegal of course.

Locals have reported a fully masked up terriermen driving around on a illegal quad bike, with a pasty hunter on horseback.

Malnourished Barlow hounds killing a fox in 2019 – an accident of course.

The Barlow have a poor track record when it comes to hound welfare and hunting within the law.

Barlow hounds caught on CCTV chasing a fox in 2019 – an accident of course.

At least they’ve noticed it’s missing this time, usually it comes down to a local finding a distressed hound or a body!