National Trust announces it will no longer issue licences for trail hunting…

Great news! This should hopefully see a few more hunts collapse in the near future. We always welcome job losses within the hunt community.

How did the hunt community respond? Saying it will be our fault when they start having to put hounds down!

Torrington Farmers Hunt lose all their hounds!

The same day the Cottesmore are in the national press for shocking footage of horse abuse, we have the Torrington Farmers Hunt looking for their entire pack of hounds, and even claiming a hunt sab had them all in the back of their Land Rover! The hunt beefcake even checked the Land Rover just to be safe!

What do you call a hunt with no hounds?
As if this isn’t funny enough…
… They then accuse the sabs of having the entire pack in the back of a Land Rover!

The Torrington were out with a pair of masked up hunt thugs in a quad bike, not sure what they’re needed for on a legal trail hunt. Probably best to ask Tim Boner, he has a thing for boys in masks.

Looking for trouble…
… and their hounds!
Visible frustration, looks like a beef tomato!

National Trust vote to ban trail hunting on their land.

This story is everywhere, NT members overwhelmingly voted to ban giving licences for trail hunting on NT land.

Trail hunting of course being a ‘smokescreen’ for illegal fox hunting, as the leaked webinars revealed. We already knew this (hounds chasing and killing foxes being the biggest giveaway), but the NT can’t ignore it now given the top people in the hunt community were caught blatantly discussing how to cover up illegal hunting, one of them even got convicted! Another bad year for the hunt community.

Barlow hounds “accidently” tearing a fox to pieces
Hunt master with dead fox
Recent illegal kill.

The story we’ll quickly focus on is how the minority hunt community have responded. They’re pissed, and the illiterate perverts at Hunting for Truth are claiming it’s a form of ethnic cleansing. Which is a bit over the top, and we’re sure victims of actual ethnic cleansing might feel like their plight is being trivialised. The irony of course is that if the hunting community were cleansed nobody outside of it would care.

The Countryside Alliance put out a massive campaign with both Tim Boner and Big Dirty Polly Portwin involved. The turnout within hunt supporting members of the NT was close to 100%. This was all they had. They threw everything at this.

The result? A massive loss for them! 76,816 for the ban, 38,184 against the ban with 18,047 abstentions. Turnout was high for a vote of this kind. Hard to argue with those numbers! They’re trying their best of course.

Important to consider that despite the overwhelming majority of people being against fox hunting, most don’t realise it’s still a thing! Most people aren’t motivated to do anything about it because they don’t realise it is still happening. The hunting community have been very clever at creating a strange kind of underground wildlife crime network and have used trail hunting as the smokescreen for it.

Now the hunt community are on the defensive claiming this is a small fraction of NT members and doesn’t reflect the actual feeling on the issue. But here’s the thing, turnout within the hunt community was incredibly high! The last thing they should be doing is encouraging more people to vote as the vast majority will be for the ban.

Is it dawning on the animal killers that they’re actually a minority yet? Probably not. Will it actually stop them hunting foxes? Definitely not.

Mark Hankinson – top huntsman GUILTY of encouraging illegal fox hunting

We won’t report it all, he’s been found guilty and that’s all that matters!

The pervert hunt community are going mad, which is good. Hits to this site are through the roof! Yet more people will be aware of what so called trail hunting actually involves!

Perhaps this explains some of the ‘accidental’ fox killing we see day in and day out, or why hunts need to hire in violent beefcakes to vandalise property and prevent filming?

Keep up the hard work sabs!

Barlow lose another hound

Yet again! Locals reporting that another Barlow Hunt hound is loose. Apparently a thin and sorry looking hunt hound has been spotted several times in the area around their filthy kennels. It has nearly been run over as well.

Barlow Hounds killing a fox the other year

The hunt don’t seem to have any idea about how many of their neglected hounds there actually are.

Barlow perverts lurking in the woods – at least they have their clothes on this time


Absolutely massive surge in views this last week, and that’s despite us neglecting the blog this last year or so.

The surge can be explained by the tragic death of a 2 year old out on a fox hunt, the hunt masters top dog being in court for encouraging illegal hunting and another violent assault.

It’s never anything positive with the peaceful and totally legal fox hunting community is it?

West Norfolk Fox Hound thugs vandalise car!

Thugs acting on behalf of the West Norfolk Fox Hounds have vandalised a car, and even attempted to climb in!

A hunt monitor was sat in the car watching the kennels, to make sure they can’t sneak out and you know, follow a completely legal trail at 5am like they do!

More hunt vandalism

Whilst waiting, several thugs came from the direction of the hunt’s kennels and smashed the window, slashed a tyre and attempted to smash a side window and climb in. We dread to think what would have happened had they got in! Many of the thugs hunts hire are often sex offenders, and they’re well known for taking things too far.

The West Norfolk Fox Hounds obviously don’t want people knowing what they’re up to, which supports our belief that they are actually involved in illegal fox hunting – why else would they need to hire beefcakes and meatheads to deter people from watching?

Nancy ‘buttplug’ Hogg of Countryside Capers at it again…

There was an outpouring of shock and anger on the Facebook group ‘Countryside Capers’ – at a news article!

The story was about a group of hunt thugs out with the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt who beat up a disabled 51 year old man and vandalised his car. Video footage shows the masked thugs mount a sustained and violent attack on their victim. They had even blocked public roads to corner him!

But their anger wasn’t actually at yet another story of shocking hunt sponsored thuggery, bringing their murky fox hunting into question, but at the newspaper for publishing it. Apparently, according to Nancy ‘buttplug’ Hogg and friends, the paper is reporting too many anti hunt stories?

As a result of the sickening attack, the victim was left with a concussion and was bleeding from the mouth. The group of thugs haven’t been found, and of course the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt don’t know anything about it.

Buttplug reckons the newspaper had an agenda, whilst other deranged Countryside Capers members reckon it was a ‘comedy drama production’. The fact remains that a bunch of violent and aggressive hunt thugs beat up a disabled person simply because he was watching them hunt. Furthermore, Terriermen aren’t actually needed on a legal trail hunt, so who knows what the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt are getting up to?

We believe this story supports our argument that widespread illegal fox hunting is still taking place. If a hunt needs to hire thugs to deter people watching, then what have they got to hide?

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