Fox hunting came up on a Facebook page, nothing to do with animal rights of hunting usually.

Lovely to see people outside the debate pointing out many of them are nonces! No matter where you go, people will always come together to denounce hunting, the related wildlife crime and their noncery!

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Grove & Rufford lose hound (again)!

Lost and forgotten

Ahh, the Grove and Rufford, if they aren’t in the news for trespassing on railway lines, boneheads smashing car windows with hammers, thugs ramming cars or noncery, then it’s something to do with their neglected hounds or a dead fox!

This time concerned locals have come across a rather malnourished looking hound, and have had to work out where it came from themselves! Obviously the diligent and caring G&R hadn’t noticed the starving thing was missing!

The thing is, this should be shocking! But it isn’t, in comparison with their other crimes and ‘activities’ a lost hound being left alone is just routine. We actually feel sorry for the hound, it would be better off wandering the streets! At least it would stand a chance of finding a decent meal!

As an aside, when hunt hounds are being exercised they should all be on leads at all times! It’s illegal to have them off lead, and it’s because of the G&R’s recklessness that their hounds keep getting lost or run over, and arguably why they kill the odd fox, although we suspect that’s more intentional than accidental like they claim.

In the future locals should report the hunt to the police if their hounds aren’t on the lead! They should also clear up after them, which they don’t.

More on the hounds left out in the sun…

Remember this? https://foxhuntingfaq.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/hounds-left-to-suffer-in-heatwave/

Well, the perverts, nonces and dribblers on the Facebook group/echo chamber ‘Hunting for Truth’ are livid about photos being taken of the neglected fox hounds suffering heatwave conditions in their filthy kennels! Yep, they aren’t angry about the appalling state of the hounds, the piles of shit or the lack of shade, no, they’re mad because the photos were taken in the first place!

As always, they’re on the defensive. They’ve made an appeal and are trying to justify something shocking and pass it off as ‘normal’. They’re claiming the photos are taken out of context? Apparently the hounds are better looked after than pets? We’ve heard all this before! Those poor things are suffering and nobody should be defending the perpetrators!

Their appeal

It’s telling by how few comments there are on the appeal – even their own supporters are shocked and appalled by this and know better than to draw more attention to it. John Morgan commented ‘long live the FOXHOUNDS’ – they won’t be living that long in those conditions John! Another comment says ‘they only see what they want to see’ – hard to avoid the massive piles of shit and malnourished dogs struggling for shade! It isn’t good for the NCH, HfT or the hunting community.

The North Cotswold Hunt who the malnourished hounds belong to have even asked for the ‘young girl’ who took the photos to make contact so they can show her how the hounds are actually looked after? Going on what we know about the fox hunting types and their perversions, we’d recommend any ‘young’ people stay well clear of any fox hunters and their kennels!

Anybody in the North Cotswold Hunt area should try to get out and check than when the hounds are getting their 10 miles of exercise, that they’re on leads as the law states they should. Any hound being exercised on a public road off the lead is not only a dangerous situation, but also illegal, and should be reported to the Police every single time, as should any dogs crapping! And we doubt they clear up after the hounds when out and about if they can’t be arsed to do it where they live!

The hunting community don’t want you knowing what they’re up to, or how they treat their poor hounds and horses. The digital age, and social media, are absolutely devastating to them. Keep photographing! Keep sharing! Keep exposing! The more people know the sooner their sick pastime will truly be consigned to the history books.

Hounds left to suffer in heatwave!

Beds & Bucks Hunt Saboteurs have released several photos showing the shocking levels of neglect hunt hounds have had to endure during the recent heatwave.

Shit everywhere, clearly exhausted and little shade.

We already know the general conditions in kennels are horrific, but even with the recent hot weather it is clear provisions haven’t been made to keep the hounds remotely comfortable. The hounds are clearly exhausted, strugggling to find shade and surrounded by their own turds. We wonder how many died?

Malnourished Oakley hound with a dead fox – obviously an accident.

One of the hounds has several scars, hinting at the hard life of illegal hunting it has been forced to lead.

Shocking scars from a life of illegal hunting – soon to be dispatched probably.

Hunt hounds live in constant fear and are neglected – injured or poorly hounds receive no veterinary care and are often left to die or ‘dispatched’. Many hounds are run over whilst chasing foxes across busy roads and railway lines.

Cottesmore hound – left to suffer.

Even when hunts bring out their healthier hounds to show groups of school children and the general public (whilst begging for money) the hounds are clearly unhappy and lacking the care and affection usually afforded to pet dogs.

The hunt community try to paint a picture showing how they adore their hounds, they don’t. You don’t have to do much digging to find out the truth. Hunt hounds are nothing more than an asset to the hunting community who have little to no concern for their welfare – the poor hounds know only a lonely life of being forced to chase and kill animals.

CPS let Barlow off with murder…

Despite plenty of evidence of, and the ensuing public outrage at, the Barlow Hunt chasing and killing a fox in the grounds of Chatsworth House in late 2019, the CPS have dropped the case?

Starving and neglected Barlow Hounds literally ripping a fox to pieces.

Why? We don’t really know know. It does make you wonder if their heart is really in it? Time and time again, people who hunt and kill animals keep getting away with it.

The way we see it is, the degenerates who make up the Barlow take out a pack of neglected hounds (seriously neglected!) which are trained to chase foxes, they pretend to follow a trail, have terriermen out blocking badger setts, hunt in areas inhabited by foxes, encourage the hounds onto a fox, don’t call the hounds off before after an exhausting chase, the poor fox is ripped apart.

They did this in plain view of hunt monitors too. Their pervert terrierman Ste ‘teabagger’ Reynolds even tired to wrestle the foxes body (evidence) from a monitor, obviously keen to get hold it because he knows monitors need it as evidence! Surely if it was an accident, dirty Ste wouldn’t have had much interest in it? Maybe he was planning on molesting it in some way? Who knows. We’ve heard about ol’ teabagger’s filthy antics.

Only recently a member of their hunt, ‘the naked judge’ Mark Davies (see Barlow tag) got let off in court because he cried like a big baby.

Dirty bastard – naked and violent!

It’s appalling that this violent hunt keep getting away with it, but we do know there is a growing movement against them in their local area! Locals Against the Barlow Hunt are making it increasingly difficult for the perverts in the Barlow Hunt to kill our wildlife. We look forward to the day the Barlow fold, they are a particularly pathetic bunch of wildlife abusing losers.

Masked up and intimidating – Barlow terriermen, obviously not out blocking badger setts or anything like that, oh no, no, no.

Full story at https://www.huntsabs.org.uk/index.php/92-news/press-releases/671-barlow-hunt-conviction-for-killing-fox-denied

An easy way to make things difficult for your local hunt.

So we’ve all seen the footage of out of control hunt hounds running across roads, getting run over and causing car accidents. Hunts get away with it in terms of illegal hunting because it’s difficult to prove they weren’t actually following a trail, and they can say the hounds went off scent. It’s essentially how they have managed to ignore the hunting ban so they can hunt foxes!

In much the same way the hunt perverts don’t want you knowing they are still hunting foxes illegally, there is something else they don’t want you to know, something that is much easier to make ‘stick’.

Out of control hounds hunted a fox across a busy a road, the outcome was inevitable.

There are laws regarding road use, obviously there for the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. If your dog was running around busy roads, never mind causing accidents, you’d get in trouble! So why do the hunt perverts get away with it? There is an exemption in the law regarding hunt hounds being off lead for the purpose of sport. Couple this with the reckless and unpredictable nature of hunting live foxes and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Hence why so many hunt hounds are injured and killed on roads every year.

People wo monitor hunts are often victims to acts of violence, intimidation and vandalism.

The trouble for anybody opposing wildlife abuse and illegal hunting is that the hunt fall within the exemption and will essentially get away with their neglected hounds being out of control and a danger to the public or road users. The Police won’t be interested! On top of this, the priority of hunt sabs and monitors is to save wildlife.

However, we can catch them breaking the law at other times, and because of the nature of what they do, it will be very difficult for the hunt to get away with it!

Cottesmore causing chaos on a busy A-road

Hounds on exercise cause inconvenience and numerous accidents every year and pose significant risk to other road users. The hounds are also regularly lost, injured and even left behind. They also shit everywhere causing inconvenience for local people.

When the hunt minions are exercising their starving hounds they don’t fall within the exemption and are therefore breaking the law if they aren’t on leads whilst on a public road, and will fall foul (get it?) of dog fouling laws if they leave any dog crap behind. Any hunt exercising hounds off lead is committing an offence under Section 27 of the Road Traffic Act. So if it’s just one neglected hound, or the whole lot, the hunt must have them all on leads and must pick up their turds! Does this happen? No! And this is where we can change things.

Illegal! These neglected hounds should all be on a lead.

Any instance of hunt hounds being off lead or fouling in public areas should be reported to the Police using 101. If safe (hunt terriermen are often aggressive and drunk), film the crime including any evidence of fouling also. Record the time and date and ask for a crime reference number, and importantly, do it every time you see them out! It wouldn’t hurt to take your exercise near to the hunt kennels – they try to sneak out you see! Learn their schedule and route and report them every single time! You can also raise awareness in your community – most people don’t appreciate the masses of dog crap left behind by the arrogant and irresponsible hunting folk. If enough people raise a stink (oh stop now! JP) then the hunt perverts might have to make some very inconvenient changes to their ‘exercise’ routines.

Appalling scenes at Chatsworth House

There is a lot of anger surrounding the litter left behind by people at Chatsworth House in June 2020. It is shocking, and a damning indictment of the people ‘enjoying’ the landscape! But if you’re upset at people leaving litter behind, wait until you see what the Barlow Hunt have been getting up to there!

They hunted and killed a fox there in December 2019. They initially claimed it was an accident, and then changed their story to claim that anti hunt activists (hunt saboteurs) had actually caused it. We don’t believe them. The Barlow are a notoriously violent hunt – a team of beefcakes accompany them on their ‘legal’ trail hunting to keep people from watching what they’re up to. They were also recently caught on CCTV chasing a fox, no saboteurs were present, so who are they blaming this time? When the Barlow have been in town, badger setts are found blocked and anybody opposing them is harassed and even assaulted by their goons.

Barlow hounds ripping the fox apart (December 2019)

They aren’t a pleasant bunch, Joan Williams, one of their joint masters is vile and incredibly aggressive, and the hunt she leads seems emboldened by a disproportionate amount of police protection afforded to them! They hunt foxes with impunity, and when caught claim it was an accident or not their fault!

Mark Davies – aggressive and foul mouthed, up until he’s in court, then he cries!

Only recently a member of their hunt was in court for assault, Mark ‘naked judge’ Davies was caught on film lunging at and assaulting anti hunt activists – he got away with it because he cried like a big baby in court.

The Barlow claim they are a trail hunt, this means their neglected and abused hounds follow a trail instead of a live fox. We don’t believe them, partly because they have been caught killing, and they have never offered any evidence of trail laying. Their hounds are almost as out of control as their masters and hired thugs. They seem more intent on keeping people away from seeing what they’re up to!

Barlow Hunt goon – clearly had respect for the hunting ban they claim to follow.
Barlow hounds caught on CCTV chasing a fox
Masked up Barlow ‘terriermen’ lurking in the woods – we wonder what they’re up to?

We aren’t surprised that fox hunts are still killing animals at Chatsworth, The Duke told the BBC in 2002, prior to the ban that he would essentially defy the ban!

The BBC reported at the time – “The Duke of Devonshire has said he will allow fox hunting on his land even if it means breaking the law. Andrew Cavendish told BBC News Online he would continue to permit huntsman to use his land if the sport became illegal. The duke, who is the largest landowner in the Peak District running the 12,000-acre Chatsworth estate, said fox hunting is a great tradition. Instead of a ban on the sport in England he hoped a compromise would be reached to license hunting with hounds.” (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2144415.stm)

“If local hunts requested to hunt on my land I will agree to it, even if means breaking the law,” he said. “Hunting is a great tradition of this country and it would be shocking to make it illegal.” (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2144415.stm)

There are many other hunts up and down the country who are hunting wildlife with impunity. When they are monitored and sabbed their support dries up and the hunt either collapses or merges with another. Some hunts like the Mendip Farmers Hunt resort to increasingly shocking levels of violence, false allegations to the police and road blocking. Their goons recently assaulted a binman thinking he was a hunt monitor!

Mendip Goons! Aggressive and intimidating.

Anyway, back to the Barlow, there is a group of passionate locals you can help – they give up their time, energy and money to stop the Barlow killing our precious wildlife. Support them, and join them if you can. If the Barlow are prevented from killing, their support will dwindle and they will collapse.

Their Facebook group can be found at https://m.facebook.com/Locals-Against-The-Barlow-Hunt-112752006859716/

A picture says a thousand words

It goes without saying that an image can be very powerful, a picture can say a thousand words as the saying goes. Like with anything related to hunting, it’s interesting to see how pro hunt groups use photos to paint a false picture of their ‘tradition’.

Take for example a recent cover photo on Hunting for Truth, a Facebook group popular amongst perverts and animal abusers. Their photo is featuring a huntmaster kissing a hound on the head. The sky is a lovely warm colour, the event is well attended and the animal is at ease. What a beautiful sight to behold. The reality? The hound is probably dead already. It had probably been pushed to exhaustion that day, and forced to chase and even kill a fox. The hunt master had probably being beating it at some point, and it had lived a lonely life of neglect up to that point. And of course, a fox hunt is usually attended by a handful of dribblers and weirdos, accompanied by masked up thugs on quad bikes. Their choice of photo doesn’t even come close to representing the reality of fox hunting. But that is the whole point!

What they want you to see
The reality – whipping the terrified hounds

For a long time Hunting for Truth featured a photo of a group of hunt sabs in handcuffs. Obviously a very powerful image, chosen to reinforce their narrative that hunt sabs are nothing more than criminals. The reality? They were immediately released without charge and had only been arrested based on false allegations made by a hunt, so they could get away from overwhelming sab numbers that day (and hunt something no doubt). Hardly showing the truth eh? But that’s the idea!

A photo can do so much more though. Take for example somebody who doesn’t know about or understand the fox hunting debate, not that there should be one, as it is illegal. They might come across a photo of a hunt sab, wearing a mask and carrying a radio and a bottle of citronella. What questions would they ask? What will they find out? The sab is giving up their free time. The mask is for protection from violent hunt goons who follow them home. The citronella is to prevent the hunt and the hounds doing something illegal. The radio suggests personal expense. Such questions and their answers bring more people into the debate, as the vast majority are opposed to fox hunting and their curiosity is only increased as the reality of illegal fox hunting, hunt thuggery and the related wildlife crime becomes known. Such images generate sympathy for the sabs, and anger against the wildlife abusers.

Now let’s say the same person came across a photo of a group of hunt thugs blocking a road. Why are they wearing masks? Why do they have spades on the quad? Why are they angry? Why don’t they want you to go down that road? Why are they threatening violence? Why are they vandalising property? It has the exact same effect as a photo of a hunt sab, it draws people into the debate! They want to know what is going on! They learn or realise that illegal fox hunting is taking place and want to get involved. They feel a sense of outrage and injustice. And both instances mean that more people become aware of what hunters are up to! Exactly what the hunters don’t want!

Starving hound with a dead fox.

Of course, the hunting community know all of this. They know how damaging a photo of a fox being torn apart, or a hunt master clambering through a hedgerow clutching a dead fox is, so this is why they employ violent goons to prevent people watching what they’re up to. Frustratingly for the hunters, it is often the antics of these brain dead and out of control beefcakes that is photographed, painting a negative image of hunting and only serving to draw more people into the debate.

It’s a tough choice for the hunt community, do they keep up with the violent thugs? Or let people watch what they’re up to? Perhaps a photo of a masked up thug smashing a car with a hammer is slightly more palatable to the public than a fox being torn apart by their starving and neglected hounds?

Of course, we can’t really blame them or act surprised. Their goal is to ensure fox hunting continues into the future in the face of the overwhelming opposition to it. They need to create this false narrative, this glorified and romanticised image of a hunt master and his hounds. They also need to keep the truth about hunting tucked away. Of course they don’t show the hunt master getting done for being a nonce, or the hounds being shot when they’re too old! As one pro hunt supporter told us recently – “you don’t see old hounds”. We’re not quite sure what point he was trying to make there!

Our job is so much easier, we don’t have to fake photographs, or take them out of context. A hunt thug ramming a car with a quad? A group of hunt thugs blocking a road? A hunt thug swinging a dead fox around? A hunt thug smashing a car with a hammer? A dead fox? A dead hound? Fox cubs being thrown to the hounds? These images shock and appall normal people, and they want to know more. These images do our job for us, and we make sure they feature heavily wherever possible. All we have to do is ensure people see them. The hunting community have a much tougher time of it, but then again they are trying to portray something barbaric and illegal as a healthy pastime.

Our job is making sure people see the photos and the truth, their job is trying to explain the photos and hide the truth. Difficult, but they have no sympathy.

We don’t need to choose our photos so carefully, and we don’t need to remove them from their context. They’re usually shocking enough. We do use the same photos several times, the ones which really shock, such as a neglected hound, or a group of hunt thugs surrounding a car. These photos are what make people look twice, make them think, these are the photos which make people ask questions the hunters don’t want them asking.